Work Packages

The consortium’s deliveries are split into interlinked work packages.

  • WP1 relates to project management and communication
  • WP2 covers the application of Digital Travel Credentials across the User Journey, integration of Payment and onboarding of Relying Parties, and capturing User Feedback and barriers to scaling.
  • WP3 covers the Reference Wallet integration as well as development of PID and ODI Credentials. Moreover, B2B test scenarios needed for additional testing of the PID/ODI combination are also developed in WP3.
  • WP4 is the architectural WP and covers the strategic infrastructure needed by other technical WPs. Interoperability, overall technical testing, sealing and many other aspects are covered by this WP.
  • WP5 is dedicated to project results dissemination and communication with external projects and bodies.
We will inform you regularly on this page about our updates/results.
December 2022

EUDI Wallet Consortium has been selected by the European Commission.

April 2023

The EUDI Wallet Consortium starts working on the project.

March 2025

The EUDI Wallet Consortium will finish the project.